Stress is contagious

Is there someone at work who always complains about how busy they are and seems constantly flustered and rushed? Do you have a friend who has to immediately respond to an incoming text no matter where they are or what you are talking about? Or do you know someone going through a tough divorce who desperately needs you to listen? … Read More

“People are our greatest asset”. Really?

So many organisations explicitly state that their employees are their “greatest asset”. But what does it actually mean?  In practice.  In terms of vision, organisational structure, how work is undertaken and roles defined, how people are managed and do their jobs? Employee engagement and retention is one of the core leadership challenges facing Australian organisations.   Attracting and developing talent to … Read More

Resilience – how to bounce back better.

Resilience is the ability to not just bounce back from difficulties and challenges faced in life. Resilience is bouncing back better, more self-aware and stronger mentally than you were before. Some people snap, some people snap back better. Are we born with it or can we learn it? Research suggests that resilience can be a learned skill. Stress seems to be the pre-cursor to testing … Read More

What is success?

Action is the foundational key to all success. ~ Pablo Picasso How do you define success? Is it wealth? Is it happiness? Is it the number of social media “likes” you get? Webster’s dictionary has three definitions; The fact of getting or achieving wealth respect or fame (this is the worst definition of the 3 options in my opinion!). The correct or desired … Read More